Cafiero Lussier Catering was started in 1998 by David Cafiero & Thom Lussier from a mutual desire to solve the dining question. David had been working as chef on private 'super' yachts which Thom affectionately referred to as "Marble Rafts". Having just completed his graduate work at Yale University, Thom was doing similar work in sophisticated parlors of the Upper East Side: "They passed me around like a wine bottle."

One quiet afternoon on "the Breakwater in Provincetown, Massachusetts the idea for Cafiero Lussier Catering was bourn. In the 20 years since, Cafiero Lussier Catering has given rise to Cafiero Lussier Event Design, Cafiero Select Home Decor Store, & Grey Gardens Decorating Firm.Good Food, Chic Entertaining, Fine Design have all been this pair's life long obsession.